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Relationship problems

Who does not have them? Every lively, meaningful relationship is characterized by moments of conflict and crisis. Problems arise only when there are no longer moments of recovery and one or both partners have withdrawn from the relationship emotionally and / or physically. Problems can also arise when one of the partners can no longer cope with the disability of the other. For example if someone has ADHD, an addiction or an autism spectrum disorder.

The success of a relationship therapy depends to a large extent on the willingness each has to invest (yet) emotionally in the relationship. The chance of success with a (virtually) equal commitment is more than 90%.

Long-term relationship problems often lead to labor problems, financial problems, upbringing problems and psychosomatic disorders. The consequences of a divorce often turn out to be visible and tangible years later. A relationship problem is not a "luxury problem" of "people who already have everything". Or "the debt" of someone's "malice." Relationship problems often arise simply because our emotional human existence is full of paradoxes and development obstacles. Browsing between Desire and Fear, between Love and Resentment, and all that in the complex country of sexuality is a business for which no one has been given a map.