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The costs of your treatment are, depending on your insurance policy, fully or partially reimbursed by your health insurer. Reimbursements do not take place on the basis of the number of treatments but on a declaration system that uses standard rates for the various transactions (intake, examination, short treatment, long treatment etc).

I have a contract with almost all health insurers, which means that I directly and digitally submit my accounts to them. So you do not have to worry about that. If you are insured with CZ or Menzis, you will receive the invoice yourself which you can then submit to them.

Important for you to know is that contracting a refund policy protects you against additional costs of psychotherapeutic treatment. If you do not have a refund policy, I will charge you the difference between the health insurance costs paid to you and the NZA rate that I have submitted to you.

Private treatment

There may be reasons why you would rather not want your details to be known to your health insurer or general practitioner. In that case you can also reimburse your treatment yourself. The costs of a private consultation are in accordance with the rates as determined by the NZA.


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